Frequently Asked Questions

- What size are these die-cast cars?

These cars are right around 1/64th scale.  Most manufacturers die-cast 64th scale line is not exactly 64th scale, but rather designed to be around 3" long to work with each other around the same size.  Our line is produced the same way.  These are designed to work with other 64th scale die-cast collectibles.


- Where can I buy your products?

You can buy them when they become available right in our very own Alien Projects Shop in the STORE link and at many die-cast events around the world.

- Will you ship internationally?

Yes we do.

- I have a question about a damaged item, or missing part. Who do I contact and what do I do?

You can email us directly with any questions or product related concerns, or quality control issues.  For any damaged products, or items missing, we will do everything we can to take care of your problem or concern.  For any of these concerns, you can use the CONTACT link to reach us.

- What are the production numbers on each limited edition run?

Since we are an adult collectibles line of Die-cast cars, we will have very low production numbers.  The production numbers of each line will vary.  But all number will be posted on the Alien Projects, LLC website here and on the packaging of the car.

- Will you have chase cars, and how do we spot them?

There will be chase cars in certain lines of cars.  They will be smaller quantities, based on the larger run. The plan is that they will consist of 10% of the run in most cases.  They will be randomly inserted into orders.  These cars will be identified when the order goes on sale for everyone to see what they are.  Images of all of these cars will be posted here when they are available.

- Can we submit a product idea to you?

At his time, we do not accept unsolicited product suggestions, concepts or ideas.


- Will you use outside artists or designers for any of your products?


We do plan to work with outside artists in the future when the time is right.  When we are ready to do a line using an outside artist or vendor, they will be contacted.

- I have a question not posted here.

If you did not find an answer to your question please email us at chrisw@alienprojects.com

 Note that while we may not be able to answer every question, we will periodically post answers to your most frequently asked questions here.








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