Alien Projects, LLC was officially formed in the spring of 2009 under the direction of Night Stalker a.k.a. Chris Walker.  A self professed artist of all things craziness, specializing in die-cast customization.  He cites Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and H.R. Giger as some of his influences and favorites as well as a host of many other automotive and art masters.   Chris perfected his craft early on in his youth, leaving no stone un-turned in his quest to change the world to a different color.   Chris made his mark in the die-cast custom world winning many trophies, being inducted into the Die-Cast Hall of Fame in 2009, and having his hand in a few designs from Johnny Lightning, Shelby Automobiles, and Mattel International.  His work has been featured in magazines, private collections, and even the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.  After traveling around the world going as far as you could go, it was only natural to progress into a more production based custom die-cast position.  And the idea of Alien Projects, LLC was born in 2007.  The Dreamliner is the first of many creations to ooze from his psychic primordial brain.

Joining Alien Projects, LLC is Chris Haupt, resident computer guru, Minister of Propaganda, and all around facilitator. And Mark Driedric, who handles the business and daily operations.
Fast-forward to 2009 and the next transition. Like appreciation for art or antiques, limited edition die-cast has come full-circle. People once again are beginning to recognize and appreciate the history and heritage of the castings that defined so much of the hobby and how it became to be.  A new chapter in Limited Edition Adult Die-cast has begun, and that chapter is based on the same foundations that were established years ago: the need to provide a premium-quality product to which sets your imagination wild.



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